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Slavic Cat: wants you as a new recruit

I’ve just accidentally purchased some Polish chocolates. It’s not an experience that lacks resonance. Every now and again, members of my family (Polish before it was fashionable) would come back from Katowice with tales of Communist austerity and a job-lot of Prince Polo (a chocolate wafery thing that would end up in with the Lego). Since then, of course, Slavic cocoa products have become¬† standard fixtures in every shop in London. In terms of palatability though, I am not sure that the stuff has improved one jot since 1978.

I’ve had to put on my square Polish 7″ of ‘In the Navy’ by the Village People to calm me down.

Polish flexis: If only they’d caught on in the same way. Ever since my aunty Sandra and I danced along to this piece of cardboard¬†in 1979 nothing has evoked in me the same sense of marine hi-jinks as a rotating, faintly boz-eyed cat staring into the distance as it struggles to adopt a consistent worldview.

'But...but...I'm afraid of water!'

'But...but...I'm afraid of water!'

Sadly, I think market forces may have spelled an end for these marvellous cultural artefacts. Something else Adam Smith failed to anticipate in The Wealth of Nations.


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