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So here we have Simplicity 5824. Mid-’60s. Look what they’ve done. Ruffles and polka dots, the bastards:


Yes, you’ve all been talking about it: the ruffle came back ‘in’ this year. People went mad! Certainly put all that Michael Jackson stuff into perspective.

So I’ll be ‘on trend’ for six months which is rubbish really – being 40 years out of date looks deliberate – looking two years out doesn’t. Pah sod it.

Anyway, my most recent attempt at the ruffle was undertaken in June this year and is modelled here by Annabel who maintains her elegance and dignity in the most frivolous of garments: 



Anyway, here’s the breakdown of this exquisite garment:

Pattern: Simplicity 5824 (mid-’60s)

Assembled: June 2009

Colour: Classic fried egg combo of yellow body and off-white ruffle collar.

Fabric: Some yellow crepe which I bought from John Lewis nine years ago and a bit of cream stuff that was lying around.

Amount of times worn (as of 24 June) : 1

Likelihood of being worn again: 1,000-1

It’s not even the first time I’ve made this dress either. Bloody hell. What am I doing with my life?!


 Ah that’s right…I’ve been drinking cava and squinting.

Stats for second dress:

Pattern: Simplicity 5824 (mid-’60s)

Assembled: July 2007

Colour: The ever-popular lime green with white dots

Fabric: Some £1 a metre stuff from Walthamstow Market c2001

Amount of times worn (as of 24 June) : 1

Likelihood of being worn again: 1,000,000-1


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